Anaplasi Rehabilitation Center
Anaplasi |
Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Leoforos Ethnikis Antistaseos 15 & Myriofytou (formerly Antliostasiou)
Nea Ionia

telphone 210 270 2800

We have been pioneers in Design, Development and Implementation of the procedures necessary to provide highest quality health services to patients who have or are at risk of temporary or permanent disability.

In 1998 we sought to be certified by an internationally renowned institution that would have the knowledge and experience to review our procedures.

We became certified by DQS, the National Certification Body of Quality Assurance Systems of Germany, a member of the IQ Net, which has certified more than 23,000 organizations worldwide. ANAPLASI became the first Health Organization in Greece and the first Health Service and Rehabilitation Centre in Europe, to be awarded for all activities ("company-wide"), in ISO 9001. Since then, we constantly strive to improve our services, setting major international targets.

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