Welcome to our Medical Rehabilitation Center ANAPLASI

Welcome Address from the President of the Board of Directors

Dear friends,

Welcome to the ANAPLASI web site.

We would like to inform you about the services we offer, the medical conditions we treat, to introduce you to our medical colleagues and our specialized professional staff and to share with you our thoughts, opinions and visions.

We hope to make our place on the internet a source of information for Rehabilitation.

ANAPLASI is the only accredited Rehabilitation Centre in our country.

We are also the first Health Centre in Greece and the first Health and Rehabilitation Centre in Europe to be awarded the Certificate of Quality for provided services and the rest of our activities (companywide), from the National Accreditation Body for Total Quality Management Systems of Germany (DQS).

Today ANAPLASI has become synonymous with the term ‘Rehabilitation” in its most innovative, modern and high quality form not only in Greece but internationally.

Quality Policy

We constantly raise standards for Quality in Health Care and Rehabilitation.


ANAPLASI is housed in a purpose-built, ultra-modern facility commissioned to be functional and fully accessible to all.

Clinical Innovations

Anaplasi developed a unique, patient-centered model of functioning.

Our Departments

We understand your needs!

Recent Articles

New Perspectives On Rehabilitation After Stroke

Stroke (cerebrovascular accident, CVA) and traumatic brain injury are the leading causes of disability both in Greece and internationally.

Since the inauguration of Anaplasi (this year celebrating its 18th year, we have “come of age”) we have attempted a thorough analysis of the clinical and epidemiological characteristics in these serious disease categories, and put into practice innovative ideas to deal with them most effectively. During the process we made two important observations:


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