We, the medical, therapeutic, nursing and administrative staff of the Centre for Health and Rehabilitation Services “ANAPLASI”, the first and only accredited centre of its kind not only in Greece, but in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, are wholly committed to the operation of the Total Quality Management System of the Company, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

We constantly raise standards for Quality in Health Care and Rehabilitation.


Dr. Christos E. Georgopoulos MD, PhD, CCST-NS (UK)

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director

Vassiliki Kaskanakou

Vice President, Legal Consultant and Head of Quality Control

Constantine Zikopoulos MD

Scientific Director, Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Marios Synesios

Financial Director

Dr. Mariam Khakoo – Georgopoulos MBBS (Lond.), MRCP, FRCR, CCST – Radiotherapy (UK)

Scientific Consultant, Oncologist – Radiotherapist


Aggeliki Lazaratou, MD


Ioannis Mpageris MD


Damiani Tsiamasfirou M.D.

Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine ΜSc, FBPRM

Dimitrakopoulos Thomas M.D.


Harris Vontetsianos MD


We define health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in harmonious balance – individually and collectively – with the environment.

We define Quality of Health Care and Rehabilitation as all of the features that meet the needs and full expectations of completely and objectively informed patients – Citizens with vested legal, constitutional and human rights.

We define Quality of Life as the subjective sense of completeness and security, satisfaction and enjoyment that is created by participation in all activities of personal, cultural and social life.

Our objectives are:

1. Ensuring a good quality of life for the patient and his family;

2. Providing independent living for the patient as far as possible;

3. The personal, social and professional reintegration of the patient;

4. Effective intervention in society as a whole through the development and promotion of the Medico-Social Model in Health Services and Rehabilitation.

We declare our Vision:

We are pioneers in Design, Development and Implementation of the procedures required to provide the highest quality services to patients who have or are at risk of temporary or permanent disability. There are no People with Disabilities (disabled). Disability is a social disease. It is our society that has disabilities. We envision a healthy society where there will be no people with an absence of Independence but rather Citizens with a wealth of Independence.

We assert our Mission:

We won’t rest on our laurels!

We are working hard, investing our time, energy and financial resources for the benefit of patients.

We serve our patients, families and society, by developing the Health Service and Rehabilitation sector.

We promote the highest clinical application of Medico – Social Standards.

We help the patients – disabled citizens to articulate and their problems and requests, and regard them to be our ultimate assessors and evaluators.

Quality Policy approved and signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors