Anaplasi Rehabilitation Center
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Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Leoforos Ethnikis Antistaseos 15 & Myriofytou (formerly Antliostasiou)
Nea Ionia

telphone 210 270 2800

Welcome Address from the President of the Board of Directors

Δρ. Χρήστος Γεωργόπουλος Dear friends,

Welcome to the ANAPLASI web site.

We would like to inform you about the services we offer, the medical conditions we treat, to introduce you to our medical colleagues and our specialized professional staff and to share with you our thoughts, opinions and visions.

We hope to make our place on the internet a source of information for Rehabilitation.

ANAPLASI is the only accredited Rehabilitation Centre in our country.

We are also the first Health Centre in Greece and the first Health and Rehabilitation Centre in Europe to be awarded the Certificate of Quality for provided services and the rest of our activities (companywide), from the National Accreditation Body for Total Quality Management Systems of Germany (DQS).

Today ANAPLASI has become synonymous with the term ‘Rehabilitation” in its most innovative, modern and high quality form not only in Greece but internationally.

We affirm our Mission.

We don’t rest on our laurels!

We are working hard investing lavishly our time, energy and financial resources for the benefit of patients.

We serve our patients, their families and society, further developing the sector of Health and Rehabilitation Services.

We promote 'excellence' in the clinical application of the medico-social prototype.

We affirm our Vision!

We are pioneers in Design, Development and Implementation of the procedures required to provide highest quality services to patients who have or are at risk of temporary or permanent disability. Through our services we seek to bring them independence and a good quality of life.

There are no people with disabilities.

Disability is a social disease. Our society is disabled.

We envision a healthy society where there will be no people with a deficit of Independence, but people with an abundance of Independence.

President and Managing Director
Dr. Christos E. Georgopoulos MD, PhD, CCST-NS (UK)
Director of Department of Neurosurgery, Hellenic Red Cross Foundation
Hospital “Henry Dunant”

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