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Speech and Language Therapy 1 Department of Speech and Language Therapy at ANAPLASI has its own clinic, complete with a range of specialized equipment to asses and treat disorders of communication.

The Speech and Language Therapist at ANAPLASI works with patients suffering from communication disorders (written/ spoken) of any aetiology and any age (children, adolescents, adults and the elderly) and with the related problems of swallowing food or liquids (Dysphagia). Our therapists are also experienced in dealing with speech problems in patients suffering from acquired neurological disorders and even in the most severe circumstances (e.g. tracheostomy) apply sophisticated techniques to evaluate and restore function.

The Speech and Language Therapists asses the following groups:

  • CHILDREN - any concerns about a child’s spoken or written language from parents, teachers or doctors merit professional evaluation
    • children with a known disorder affecting speech development
  • SPEECH problems - Stuttering, slurring
  • VOICE problems - a variety of health problems affecting the vocal cords can interfere with voice production
  • LANGUAGE difficulties - not only spoken language but written language, where there may be difficulty in both understanding and expression
  • SWALLOWING disorders - treated at the ANAPLASI Dysphagia clinic

It is important to note that human communication is a result of complex, dynamic and interconnected processes. Speech uses anatomical structures and physiological reflexes that are common with those used in breathing and swallowing and is achieved through coordination of breathing, vocalization and articulation. Often more than one component of the communication process is involved by the underlying illness.

The Speech and Language Therapist examines the patient and interviews the family to produce:

  • Detailed description of functional deficits
  • Advice - by explaining the range of normal child development, counsels and reassures parents
    • advises the patient and carers how they can help
  • Plan of interventions by the Speech and Language Therapist.

Our Speech and Language Therapists help identify the impact of disorders of speech and communication in the daily activities of patients and therapeutic interventions of other therapists. They actively intervene to open channels of communication between patient, nursing staff and other therapists in the Rehabilitation Team; giving a practical example of how trans -disciplinary teamwork contributes to the rehabilitation of the patient.

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