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Role of the Physiotherapist and Facilities

τομέας φυσιοθεραπείας στην Ανάπλαση 1 The physiotherapy department at ANAPLASI combines highly-trained and experienced staff with equipment and facilities that are second to none.

The physiotherapist

After the initial neurological and functional assessment of the patient by the physiatrist, the physiotherapist assesses the physical abilities and limitations of the patient, according to objective, internationally recognized criteria. They specifically refer to abnormalities of posture, gait, and balance and also assess muscle weakness, pain, spasticity, and coordination.

Following this, specific therapeutic techniques are employed to alleviate pain; correct or minimize deformity; increase muscle power endurance and range of motion; and improve physical fitness and also the general health of the patient.

The Mckenzie technique, Cyriax massage, manipulation are some of the special techniques (requiring post-graduate study by the therapist) performed in ANAPLASI.

The physiotherapist regularly assesses the patient to establish the course of progress which is discussed with the other members of the trans-disciplinary rehabilitation team where the overall treatment plan is formulated and modulated, with the ultimate target of ensuring as far as possible independence for the patient, with a good quality of life for the patient and his family and personal, social and professional reintegration.


The Physiotherapy Department is situated on the first floor of ANAPLASI, a calm, naturally lit suite of rooms comprising the Physiotherapy Gymnasium, Aerobic Fitness room and room for massage, application of physical agents, electrotherapy etc, as well as changing rooms and wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Additionally physiotherapy may take place at the bedside and is complementary to treatment by Hydrotherapy.

The Physiotherapy Department is furnished with the most up-to-date equipment to provide the optimum therapy for our patients.

The physiotherapy gymnasium affords ample space and equipment for Orthostasis (Tilt-table), balance (balance board, wall bars) and gait training (parallel bars with mirror); passive exercises to improve flexibility and range of movement in joints; active exercises with a wealth of gymnastic equipment to improve muscle strength in all from the weakest to the fittest.

Aerobic exercise is employed to improve cardiac and general fitness, on a special treadmill that can give support to the physically weak and has the ability to monitor vital signs in the cardiac patient.

A separate room house a range of electronic equipment including:

  • Electrotherapy (Nimes, TENS, REBOX)
  • Thermotherapy:
    • Superficial Thermotherapy (hot pads, paraffin baths, sunbathing, Kenny Packs)
    • Deep Thermotherapy (microwave therapy, shortwave therapy, ultrasound)
  • Cryotherapy (cold compresses, relaxation with cold spray application)
  • Robotic Laser
  • Magnetic Fields Field Therapy
  • Traction (cervical spine, lumbar spine)
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Polarized light

In-patients benefit from electronic beds which can be programmed to vibrate and turn the patient so accomplishing additional chest physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can take place at the bed-side or on the ward if the patient has difficulty to coming to the department.

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