Physical Rehabilitation
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Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Leoforos Ethnikis Antistaseos 15 & Myriofytou (formerly Antliostasiou)
Nea Ionia

telphone 210 270 2800

virtual tour The physiatrist is a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

The physiatrist assesses and advises a program of treatment to restore functional mobility and quality of life for patients with physical impairments or disabilities, disturbance of higher mental functions and chronic pain, as a result of disease or injury in the central nervous system and / or other systems.

At ANAPLASI, the physiatrist, having identified the patients’ deficits organizes the appropriate therapists into the patients’ Trans-Disciplinary Rehabilitation Team.

The physiatrist is the coordinator of the team.

With their scientific skills, the high quality of medical care they provide and their organizational abilities, our physiatrists are fundamental to the implementation of our philosophy as expressed in the motto "A Holistic Approach, with Total Care, and Total Quality" in health and rehabilitation services.

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