Anaplasi Rehabilitation Center
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Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Leoforos Ethnikis Antistaseos 15 & Myriofytou (formerly Antliostasiou)
Nea Ionia

telphone 210 270 2800

Optimal body weight, physiological metabolism and correct nutrition can play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of the patient.


n the Department of Nutrition, Metabolism and Obesity at ANAPLASI the patient with a suspected metabolic or weight problem is first evaluated by our endocrinologist. The patient undergoes a complete clinical and diagnostic work-up to establish its underlying cause and the appropriate intervention (medication, special diets) can be instigated.

Clinical Dietician

The clinical dietician is responsible for the nutritionally correct diet of the in-patients of ANAPLASI. Each patient‘s individual needs are taken into consideration and personalized menus are created as necessary e.g. for the diabetic patient, the bariatric patient, patient with gastrostomy etc. The dietician controls and monitors any prescribed diet and its effectiveness.

Additionally the clinical dietician supervises the menu so that it is varied and appealing; inspecting the quality and quantity of food and personally supervising the preparation and portions

Finally, the dietician informs and advises both in-patients and out-patients and their families about a correct diet during and after completion of the rehabilitation program at ANAPLASI.

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