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November 2011 - World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day! (GR)

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World Stroke Day - October 29 (GR)

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What drugs we need also put on the pounds (GR)

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Out-Patient care

An out-patient rehabilitation program allows the patient and her/his family to enjoy their usual home and social life while continuing to make an optimal recovery.
On their first visit to ANAPLASI each patient undergoes a complete assessment by our experienced specialists in...

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In-Patient care

With the benefit of our thirty-year clinical experience at leading hospitals in Greece, the rest of Europe and North America, we have created a unique, purpose built, in-patient facility which implements new clinical innovations in in-patient care in a friendly and relaxing environment.
Our patients and their relatives are given a warm welcome by our experienced administrative and clinical staff, which...

Day Centre

The ANAPLASI Day Centre provides a supervised environment in which patients with kinetic or functional impairment can participate in a wide range of activities to maintain a good physical condition, interest them intellectually and remove them from the social isolation that unfortunately they so often experience.
Arriving in the ANAPLASI minibus or with her/his own transport, the participant...

Anaplasi Rehabilitation Center
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